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The 80s Coloring Pages

Subtitle: Where Free Printable Leg Warmers Meet Neon Sketches

Get ready to unleash your creativity and relive the totally tubular vibes of the 80s as you bring this rad coloring page to life!

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Coloring the 80s

Let the nostalgia begin as we look back on the decade of vibrant colors and extreme fashion, the 80s.

  • Mix and match contrasting colors like pink and green or orange and blue for a bold, retro approach.
  • Channel classic 80s patterns like leopard print, bold stripes, and polka dots to bring that rebellious decade to life.
  • Consider adding big hair, high-top sneakers, and over-sized jewelry to your coloring project for an authentic touch.
  • Don't forget popular 80s pop culture icons like video game characters, movie references, or music symbols to reminisce about the glory days.

So, grab your favorite neon markers, colored pencils, or gel pens and let's get lost in the colorful world of the 80s!

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