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David The Shepherd Boy Coloring Pages

Free Printable Adventures: Color David's Shepherd Boy Journey

Get ready to bring to life the delightful adventures of David the Shepherd Boy, as he tends to his flock and explores the vibrant world around him in this exciting coloring page!

7 David The Shepherd Boy images for children

David the Shepherd Boy Coloring Inspiration

Get ready to unleash your creativity on this David the Shepherd Boy coloring page! Let's take inspiration from the countryside, the shepherd's clothing, and the sheep in his care.

  • Depict the sky with warm tones during sunrise or sunset, or cooler tones for a bright, sunny day
  • Make David's clothing simple and rustic; use earthy colors like brown, beige, and dark green for his tunic and sandals
  • Add detail to the sheep, using different shades of white, gray, or cream for their wool
  • Try adding a bit of texture to mimic the sheep's curly wool; use small, circular motions while coloring
  • Incorporate a simple, wooden shepherd's staff in David's hand, with a light brown color
  • Make the sling he famously used to defeat Goliath out of leather, using shades of dark brown or reddish-brown

Take your time and enjoy the process of bringing this timeless biblical character to life in your artwork. Happy coloring!

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