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Civil Rights Coloring Pages

Color the Movement: Free Printable Pages to Inspire Change

Get ready to splash vibrant colors as we celebrate the power of unity and equality with this captivating civil rights-themed coloring page!

20 Civil Rights images for children

Civil Rights Coloring Ideas

Delve into the world of civil rights as you color and explore iconic images and symbols associated with the movement. Get inspired to make these coloring pages your own through creativity and art.

  • Choose colors typical of the 1960s, such as bold shades of green, blue, and orange, to bring a mid-century atmosphere to your coloring page.
  • Emphasize important symbols, like peace signs, doves, or raised fists, with standout colors to draw attention to their meanings.
  • Use different textures or patterns in clothing, signs, or backgrounds to create visual interest and depth.
  • Incorporate famous quotes from civil rights activists into your coloring page, either by adding in speech bubbles or utilizing the space around the main images.
  • Consider adding your own unique flair to the pages, whether it's drawing in additional details, applying your own artistic style, or creating custom backdrops or scenes.

As you work through these coloring pages, take the opportunity to learn more about the different symbols, individuals, and events that have shaped the civil rights movement. Let your creativity flourish while honoring the struggle for equality and justice.

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