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Martin Luther King Coloring Pages

Embrace Equality with Free Printable MLK Inspired Art

Get ready to bring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s inspiring legacy to life with colors on this exciting and fun-filled coloring page!

28 Martin Luther King images for children

Coloring Inspiration for Martin Luther King

Delve into the world of Martin Luther King and explore this iconic figure through the art of coloring. Here are some ideas to inspire your color choices and techniques:

  • Consider using different shading techniques to add depth and detail to the coloring page. For example, use cross-hatching, stippling, or gradients to give a sense of three-dimensionality.
  • Use historically accurate colors to bring an authentic touch to the page. Research the colors of 1960s fashion, including common suit colors and popular tones for clothing and accessories at the time.
  • Pay tribute to his "I Have a Dream" speech by incorporating dreamy colors like soft blues, purples, and pastel shades, representing the hope and vision he shared with the world.
  • Experiment with contrasting and complementary colors to make certain aspects of the coloring page stand out. This can symbolize the importance of unity and balance in King's message.
  • Try using textured materials, like oil pastels or colored pencils, to bring additional depth and variation to the page.

Remember that coloring should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Take your time, let your imagination guide you, and most importantly, have fun!

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