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Abraham Lincoln Coloring Pages

Emancipate Your Creativity: Free Printable Lincoln-Inspired Coloring

Get ready to bring history to life with this exciting and creative Abraham Lincoln coloring page!

32 Abraham Lincoln images for children

Coloring Abraham Lincoln

Let your creativity flow while coloring pages featuring the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

  • Enhance the image by using different shades of gray and brown for Lincoln's iconic beard and stovepipe hat
  • Add depth by using darker shades for his suit and lighter shades for his facial features
  • Pay attention to historical references, like the American flag or surroundings that might appear in the coloring page
  • Experiment with shading techniques to bring life and dimension to the portrait of Abraham Lincoln

Enjoy the process of bringing one of the most important figures in American history to life in your unique and artistic way.

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